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Treating Fleas and Ticks Naturally #PawNatural @OnlyNaturalPet

Natural Flea & Tick Treatment Recommended by Keep the Tail Wagging

I think many of us have read or heard (or both) that flea and tick preventive products available for dog owners are poison. The use of these products are shortening our dogs’ life span; some claim that their dog died after a treatment.

  • Trifexis (once a month flea, heart worm, parasite prevention)
  • Topical flea and tick treatment (pesticide)
  • Flea collars, powders and dips

I said this on Facebook the other day – blogging is a blessing and a curse. The amount of information floating in my head doesn’t even begin to touch what we need to know to raise happy, healthy dogs, but it’s enough to direct me to more natural ways to raise our dogs.

Only Natural Pet

Flea and tick season is fast approaching and although I’ve been told many times that fleas don’t like raw fed dogs, I’m not willing to take a chance.  Yet.  I had an opportunity to try Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Squeeze-On Large Dog in exchange for this review. It was great timing, because it’s spring, 80 degree weather (totally not natural for April) reminded us that flea and tick season is coming, and the flea and tick treatment we’ve used for years is no longer available.

Sydney and Zoey - Natural Flea and Tick

You can see the area of Sydney’s neck that was treated with the Only Natural Pet flea treatment. The oiliness clears up in a couple days.

Because we’ve used natural flea and tick repellents with success for 3 year, I was confident that we were making the right choice by switching to Only Natural Pet, because…

  • Only Natural Pet’s herbal flea repellent is only $19.99 for 3 treatments
  • I don’t worry about our dogs having a reaction or being burned when I apply it
  • It’s safer than the alternative, especially for dogs who have a compromised immune system due to cancer or another illness / infection

The only bummer about Only Natural Pet’s herbal flea repellent is that it’s pretty greasy (it clears up in a couple days), so don’t spill any of it on the floors and it needs to be reapplied after a bath.  But I’m okay with both of these, because the alternative frightens me.

Zoey - Natural Flea and Tick

Going natural isn’t always easy, but when I see this face, I know it’s worth it to try.

We’ve been using this product for a few weeks and it’s working so far.  J thinks it’s because the fleas haven’t started hopping yet.  What he doesn’t realize and I just learned that fleas are active year around and that I just don’t treat as often during the winter.


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Diatomaceous Earth

Only Natural Pet Topical Flea & Tick Treatment


Have you discovered a natural flea and tick remedy?


This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Only Natural Pet, but I only share information that I believe is important to Keep the Tail Wagging readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.


  1. It’s good to know there is a natural alternative out for that really works. We’re already seeing ticks in our area and I didn’t want to use the Trifexis anymore. With 3 your English Shepherds this sounds the way to go.

  2. I’ve been using the same product as you. Ours lasted 2 weeks, which is pretty good. The chemical flea controls also last only 2-4 weeks so it’s about the same amount of time, only this stuff is all natural! Will have to look into the diatomaceous (sp?) earth thing. Our fleas have definitely started hopping.

  3. I think one problem with efficacy assessment this way is that you don’t have a measure whether or not your dogs would get fleas and ticks without any product at all. For example, I could use any old thing and feel that it’s working against fleas because our guys don’t have any. But they never had any. With ticks, in our case, it would be similar as we only had the odd one. If I used something, how would I know whether it’s working or whether there just aren’t any? And if they simply weren’t any, what would happened if that changed?

    This is one of the things where I do like to see some science or at least vast clinical experience.

    • Which is why I don’t use chemical treatments on our dogs. I live in a town full of dog lovers and last year everyone was complaining about a high flea year; they bombed their homes several times, they just couldn’t get rid of the fleas and they were using the topical treatments found in many big box stores or at the vet’s office.

      We’ve never had fleas with our dogs and we’ve used natural flea treatments most of their lives and we switched to full raw last year. It could be a coincidence but during the time of using natural treatments, we’ve had 6 dogs and none of them had fleas. This is why I believe products like this work and what blows me away is that the cost is a fraction of the chemical treatment that is heavily marketed to pet owners.

      • That sounds great then. I’ll have to check this one out.

        • My only concern with natural treatments is that I wish that the package came with more information about essential oils and any possible reactions that dogs can have.

  4. Unfortunately I use the chemical flea prevention. I absolutely hate doing it, but my husband has bad allergic reactions to all the natural products we’ve tried due to ingredients like sage, cinnamon, etc. When we lived in North Dakota, this wasn’t a big deal. I just didn’t use any flea prevention, and never saw a flea. Now that we live in southern California, fleas are an issue all year, and I’ve had to start using chemicals on all three pets. I feel bad, but when I tried to go without, we had a bad flea problem in our apartment.

    I could maybe try the diatomacious earth, though. That probably doesn’t have much of a scent and maybe it would be effective enough. Or maybe something to try in rotation with the topical prevention, every other month or something like that.

    • Have you considered doing a detox for your dog to help the liver process the chemicals? One thing that I’ve done is use 1/2 the chemical treatment and supplement it with natural. A local woman suggested that and it works at the height of “flea season” when we didn’t feel that we had much of a choice. We’ve been lucky these past couple years.

      I’ll be posting about milk thistle and dogs soon.

      • No I hadn’t thought of doing a detox. Thank you.

        Now that we have the fleas under control (at least for now!), I’m also probably going to spread out the doses to every five weeks. Ugh …

        I’ll look forward to the milk thistle post.

  5. I have been using ShooTags for several years (frequency barrier), first on my dogs and then on my cat. I had problems with my dogs and ticks on our hikes, and fleas during flea season. A combination of the tags or starting raw got rid of the fleas and ticks. But I was really convinced after my cat got fleas (as she always does in flea season), and as soon as I put the tags on her they were gone after a few days. No switch to raw, the only change was the tags.

    I know that Only Natural Pet has their equivalent tag, I’d love to try it someday. It’s also a much nicer size!

  6. Perfect post about natural product. This product has not side effect so its a big plus.

    Looking forward to read more interesting posts.


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