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Treating Sydney’s Partial Cruciate Tear with Epic Pet Health

Treating Our Dog's Partial Cruciate Tear Naturally


It’s been a couple months since Sydney was diagnosed with a partial cruciate tear.  We chose to try and rehab her through rest and supplements and it worked great for several weeks and then we had set backs.

I started transferring money to a savings account to cover the deductible for Sydney’s surgery.

But Sydney is doing really well.

Sydney - Just 10 More Minutes - Our Blue Heeler / Lab Mix

Just 10 more minutes, Mommy. Please.

She still may need surgery, but for now, she’s doing really well.  And this is what we did to help her – keep in mind that this is not veterinarian advice, just the experience of a couple dog owners…

  • We’ve adjusted her exercise regime, she’s lost a little more weight (on the advice of our vet).
  • We add Grizzly Salmon Oil (alternating with Megga Dog Camelina Oil) to her food in the morning.
  • And we spray 3 spritzes of three Epic Pet Health supplements in her morning and evening meals.

Epic Pet Health creates natural, electrolyte supplements made with vitamins and minerals.  All of their products are odorless and can be mixed in our dogs’ food or applied directly to an area of the body (in Sydney’s case – her knees) for faster results.

Epic Pet Health

These are the supplements we’re using…

  • REPAIR – For faster injury and illness recovery, even helps chronic cases.
  • RELIEF – Reduces joint pain and stiffness.
  • ALIGN – For good spinal alignment, naturally; and relaxes nerves and muscles.
  • HAPPY – Reduces stress from grief, separation anxiety, and environmental changes.

I have no idea how these products work, but I give them to both Rodrigo and Sydney and I’ve seen a definitely improvement in Sydney’s gait and in Rodrigo’s recovery after a long long walk or heavy play session.

This doesn’t mean that Sydney isn’t going to need surgery someday, but it does mean that we’ve buying her the time to heal naturally.

Moving forward, we’ll be adding green lipped mussel (ground) and calcium to our dogs’ diet.  Green lipped mussel is great for joint support and total body wellness (sounds good to me).  A local nutritionist recommended the calcium and with her help, I chose Rainbow Light food-based calcium and gave Sydney 1 tablet, twice daily (ground into her food).

But for now, I’m so blown away by the success we’ve seen using Epic Pet Health.

Update 5/5/2014:  Sydney has recovered from her partial cruciate tear.  We still monitor her activities and we get a little tense when we see the zoomies about to come on (wide eyes, ears go back, and then SHE’S OFF!!!).  She hasn’t had DGP for Pets to relieve any discomfort or pain in 2 weeks.  She’s going to a holistic vet later in May for a final exam.


  1. I really like that you say it is tasteless and in a spray bottle. I might have to check it out. Thank you!

    • My pleasure. The odorless/tasteless part is important, because they have so many flavors already in their food and it would suck if it turned them off of their food. I tried it first before giving it to our dogs (it’s human grade). :)

  2. Oh my, I have to admit that I don’t fully understand what “diagnosed with a partial cruciate tear” involves but nevertheless, it’s good to hear she is doing so well! It shows how far proper care and a love for one dog goes, doesn’t it?

    Well done!

    • She’s recovering from a partially torn ligament. We’re going to take her to the vet again to have the leg checked to see if she needs surgery, but we want to give her plenty of time to rest. So far she hasn’t had a full tear and I know we’re lucky for this.

  3. Oh I’m so glad to hear she is doing pretty well and that these supplements must be making a difference. I give my dog fish oil for his skin and coat as recommended by multiple vets, and that really makes a difference. When he doesn’t have it, he tends to have more dandruff and itchy skin.

    • The salmon oil, coconut oil, and camelina oil that we give our dogs is pretty amazing. I love that we have so many options to treat our dogs naturally. And as I’m typing this, I just realized that I completely forgot to add the oil to their food this morning. Oh well – dinner time.

  4. Good luck with the supplements, Green lipped mussel and fish oil are great products.

    • Thanks :)

  5. Oh I’m so glad for you and Sydney!! Sampson had a partial tear the beginning of January and we treated it conservatively with supplements and limited exercise. We kept him from blowing it for two months. Then last Tuesday he totally tore it. He’s heading in for surgery next Tuesday.

    Keep up the good work, I hope you avoid surgery all together.

    • Good luck with the surgery. I’m so sorry. What happened? How did you know he blew it?

  6. This is great information! One of my coworkers just had to have her Corgi’s cruciate repaired. I’m passing this on to her, thanks!

    • Fabulous! Thanks :)

  7. Hey, Sydney’s mom, looks like you add a lot of the supplements to the dog food, just curious. Can you add them all at once or do you alternate them and do you do it once a day or at all meals. We eat twice a day.

    • I add them all together. The only ones that I alternate are the salmon, camelina and coconut oil, because I think it’s just over kill for our dogs. So I alternate weekly and I give them coconut oil as a treat 2x a week (just a teaspoon).

      • Thank you. I tend to worry that it might be too much sometimes with all the stuff you can add to their food and then adding stuff to the water for their breath/teeth.


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