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Trendy Pet | Raised Dog Dishes Aren’t a Pain in Sydney’s Neck

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I’m a bad dog mom.

I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on this earlier.

I thought Sydney was just spoiled.  She’s being a princess when she’d rather have me feed her instead of eating out of her dish.

And then the weird walking started; she was obviously dealing with back pain so I called the vet and made an appointment and started her back on her pain medication (vet approved).

She was on light exercise (not difficult with our little couch potato) and J and I were giving each other daily updates on how she was doing.

Then the raised dog food dishes from arrived and I excitedly set it out for use.  Sydney happily drank some fresh water.

Sydney, Trendy Pet Raised Dog Dish offers custom made raised pet dishes.  Which are perfect and the customer service is amazing.  This being the holiday season, of course our second dish was lost in the mail – they replaced it without any hassle (funny, because I wasn’t going to mention it at first).

Even the puppies jumped into the fun and can be seen drinking water from Sydney’s dish.

Trendy Pet Custom Made Raised Pet Dishes

I used to think raised dishes were ergonomically necessary, I thought they lowered the risk of bloat in dogs, then I thought that they’d raise the risk of bloat in dogs.  Now I see that if we have a raised dish that is measured at the right level (we measured from our dogs’ shoulders to their paws), then they make meal times more enjoyable.

We’ve been feeding Sydney from her raised dog dish for a couple weeks and haven’t had an issue with her refusing to eat.

The dishes are at the right height, they come in great colors (we have black ones), and they don’t take up much room, so we can still maneuver around our kitchen area easily.

The elephant in the room – bloat in dogs…

There is a lot of controversy about bloat in dogs and it’s confusing.  I’ve done a lot of research and elevated feeders have been listed as a cause for bloat in dogs.  If you have a dog who is already susceptible to bloat (deep chested dogs), then an elevated feeder should only be used under advisement of your vet.

We use an elevated feeder, because our dogs have arthritis and using the Trendy Pet raised dishes cause less stress on our dogs’  joints and back.

If you have questions about whether a raised dish is right or wrong for your dog, please talk to your veterinarian.  And keep in mind that the jury is still out on how to reduce the risk of bloat in dogs.  Our dogs don’t speed eat or drink, our dogs aren’t at risk for bloat, and our dogs don’t exercise after eating.  But I have no idea if this is why we haven’t experienced bloat, but since it hasn’t caused bloat – I’m going to stay our course.

We’re fans of our custom made dog dishes…

Once the puppies grow up a little, we’ll be order two more sets.

I don’t think I’ll ever go with another dog dish and not just because these are gorgeous and functional.  I just love the company.  One thing I’ve noticed is that there are some companies that jump into the pet industry to get a piece of that 50 billion dollar pie and they have very little understanding of our bond with our dogs.  This isn’t the case with

I want to buy from a company that loves dogs.


So, what are your thoughts on raised dog dishes?


  1. Funny you post this article today, as I’m making raised dog dishes for my pups today. :)

    Let me just add my two cents about bloat and raised dishes. I’m not an expert on bloat…but since I’ve been dealing with a dog who has bloated (to some extent) on a daily basis for four years now…I have some familiarity with it.

    I never used a raised dish with Major, and he started bloating before he was 6 months old. The whole “raised dog dishes are bad” theory started with Purdue and a statistical study they did on large dogs and bloat. They collected data about Great Danes (who, incidentally, are generally fed from raised feeders)…and of those Great Danes who bloated, the majority (if not all) were fed from raised feeders. So, they concluded raised feeders must be a cause.

    I believe deep chested dogs may be at an increased risk of bloat, those who eat too fast (Major) and those who are anxious/nervous (Major)…but I don’t think raised dog dishes are to blame. Of course, this is my opinion…based on four years of personal experience, research and consults with some of the best holistic and traditional vets.

    Just my two cents…

    • Thanks for your two cents. I love that I always learn something new from you.

  2. Some smart dog dishes.

  3. I have been really wanting to try one for Wynston. My problem is, I can’t find anything that works for him because they are all too high! One of these days I will find something that works. I also want one for my disabled cat, Joey. Because of his disability, he needs something custom. I think Matt will end up just building something!

    • It’ pretty fantastic!

  4. Awww, Poor Sydney. I think I’ll get one for my dogs too.


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