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Tripe Inspired Me to Challenge You to Try Natural #PawNatural

white tripe for humans, green tripe for our dogs

A to Z Challenge – T

We recently started adding canned green tripe to the raw dog food and the dogs love it. Yes, the rumors about the smell are true. Very true. And this isn’t even the fresh stuff, which I hear is 100x worse. But the dogs love it and it loves them.

Green tripe is great for…

  • skin and coat
  • picky eaters (Sydney)
  • sensitive stomachs (Rodrigo and Scout)
  • great for puppies (Scout and Zoey)

What you need to know about green tripe…

  • it smells terrible, because it’s the stomach lining and digestive juices, and partially digested grass (grossed out yet?)
  • the tripe you see at the grocery store isn’t the same – it’s bleached tripe (what you see in the image above) and all the gross things that are so beneficial to our dogs have been washed away
  • there is a risk that an animal’s thyroid is included in the tripe of some brands; so be sure to check with the brand to confirm that this isn’t the case – this shouldn’t happen, because the thyroid is located in a different part of the body, but it’s a fear that was shared with me, so I’m sharing it with you
  • green tripe is amazing if you need to hide the taste of something your dogs don’t like; we mix supplements in our dogs food and ground green lipped mussels have a strong smell – but not when there’s green tripe too

What if I don’t want to deal with the smell…

  • this one is easy – check out the Green Beef Tripe Nibblets Pet Treats by Only Natural Pet
  • we had an opportunity to sample a bag and the dogs love it; we now use it as a training treat – one bag lasts forever with our dogs so the 3 bags we have should last to summer, at least
  • it doesn’t have the awful smell that I expected so there’s no worry that when we return from a walk, my fingers are going to smell; there was another green tripe treat we tried – you HAD to keep the bag closed, because the smell was intense – not with the Nibblets

Only Natural Pet

My challenge to you…

I’ve been writing about raw dog food all month with the message that just because we’ve made the switch to raw doesn’t mean that I expect people who read my blog to make the same switch. I encourage you to make a natural change. Here are some ideas…

I know that I’ve shared a lot of information this month and some dog owners have been inspired to keep an open mind about raw, some are going to try a partial raw diet, and some are gung ho about transitioning to raw.

But if you’re not ready, even if you’ll never be ready, that’s OKAY!  There are so many ways that you can challenge yourself to feed and raise your dog naturally.  Shopping with brands line Only Natural Pet, a brand created for dog lovers like you and me who want to choose a better route, is a great start.

If you have a simple ideas that dog owners can adopt to help them raise their dog naturally, please share them with us!


Yesterday was S for Supplements We Feed Our Dogs

Tomorrow is U for Underwhelmed by a Local Store

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  1. We have never tried Tripe before (me or Luna), but I’m intrigued especially if you can get it canned. Also, great ideas for becoming more natural. I’m starting to use more vinegar (it was all I used when I had a fish) and we’re going natural for flea and tick.

    • I’ve been using apple cider vinegar to clear out smells; I’m getting white vinegar this week for cleaning. I’m excited about the change. Does the smell evaporate quickly?

      • In my experience, yes. I use in regularly to clean our humidifier and when I had the fish, the fish tank. I didn’t really notice it after I was done cleaning, but I am still just starting to introduce it in other ways.

  2. Tripe is one of the favorites/staples here! Once I got used to the smell, it stopped making me gag. My dogs go NUTS for it though, and I like giving it to them.

    • How often do you feed it to your dogs?

  3. I so wanted to try some Tripe from ONP, but there was just so much to choose from. I’ve heard a lot of great things about tripe, and you just shared a lot of stuff I didn’t know! We’ve got Shiner on one of Only Natural Pet’s air-dried raw diets right now and I really like it!

  4. Tripe Nibblet treats sound like a good fit for our house. Will have to order a bag and check it out. Fruits and veggies are becoming more and more a staple for the Boys – I love introducing them to new that is natural and good for them. Thanks

  5. Green tripe certainly is one of the most popular yummies in our house.

  6. I appreciate the fact that you totally believe in feeding your dogs raw, but aren’t pushy about it to others. I doubt I will ever feed raw (though I do have an open mind about it and am very interested in learning more), but I do a lot of the other things you mentioned, or plan to start.
    We are switching to all natural flea/tick control (I just got the squeeze on you mentioned), I try to buy natural shampoos for the humans as well as the dogs, and I’m trying to add more fruits/veggies to the dogs’ diets as well.
    I try to clean with vinegar or other all natural products.
    I am going to try those tripe treats you recommended also. Our puppy is going to obedience school right now and those sound like they would be perfect for his training!

  7. My first order of green tripe FINALLY arrived on Tuesday. My dogs love it!

    I expected it to smell horrible (as in, I thought I would need a clothes pin on my nose during feeding time), but it didn’t. I mean, it doesn’t smell like chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven…but it’s not super offensive either.

    For now, I’m feeding my 75lb Labs a good 1/4 cup (2oz-ish) on top of their evening meal of chicken backs and whatever the organ-of-the-day is.

    I know some feed it once or twice a week as a meal by itself…not sure if I’ll do that or just continue to give them 2oz daily.

    I’m hoping it will help Major with his IBS issues, but if it doesn’t…I know they will all benefit from the assorted nutrients it provides.

    • Congratulations! I have a call scheduled with Tripett next week. I’m really excited. I have so many questions. We ordered the beef tripe and then the beef/salmon/____ (I think duck) tripe. Rodrigo has stopped eating his food unless there’s tripe in it. Jeez – LOL. Glad that it’s good for him.


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