TrueBlue Pet Products | I Got a Peak Inside a Celebrities Dog Lover Swag Bag

November 26, 2013

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Celebrities and Their Dogs

One of my Pinterest Boards

Being a blogger kind of really f’ng rocks sometimes, because we get to try out so many cool things and I love getting fun stuff for our dogs, for my readers, and for local rescue groups.  It’s the best part of what I do.

A couple months ago, I got to choose a few pet related items that were included in celebrity swag bags to try with our dogs.  The items in the swag bags that caught my eye were…

  • Mohawk Smart Strand Carpet that’s stain and soil resistant and easy to clean.  We could use four at each of our doors.  The Pacific Northwest begs for rugs like these.
  • Revitamal Anti-Aging Pet Supplement.  This one got an eye roll from me, because of course we should worry about our dog’s looks as they age.  And then I realized that it’s a supplement, not a beauty treatment, and thought “wow, I’m judgy!”
  • TrueBlue Fresh-in-a-Flash Cleansing Spray cleans and conditions our dogs’ coats without build up.  This one is exciting, because the wet dog smell arrived right on time when it started raining again and the Labrador in Sydney is kind of ripe on some days.
  • Petcurean Dog Food.  A 5-Star brand (according to Dog Food Advisor) with ingredients like 100% fresh turkey, salmon and duck, fresh Omega 3 and 6 oils (from coconuts and canola), wholesome berries and fruits and vegetables like peas, spinach and carrots.
  • Pet Cooler Carrier.  Our dogs aren’t kept in carriers, but this sounds like a great idea for people who travel with their dogs.  It’s not an excuse to leave your dog in a hot car, but it makes trips more comfortable for dogs.
  • Canada Pooch Dog Jackets.  Although our dogs don’t wear jackets, I still love cute jackets for dogs and these are the cutest.

When our package arrived (a free gift for us to try out), we had a brand new Canada Pooch Dog Jacket (in red) that’s too small for our dogs so I’m giving this gorgeous jacket to a friend who has a smaller dog.  And a bottle of TrueBlue Cleansing Spray.

The Canada PoochDog Jacket TrueBlue CleansingSpray

What surprised me was how affordable everything in the swag bag was; I think the most expensive item was the rug at $250 each; the cooling carrier was surprisingly only $100.  I was expecting diamond dog collars, week long stays at a doggy spa, and a therapy session for our anxiety ridden pooches.

Most everyone was less than $100 and I fell in love with the TrueBlue Fresh-in-a-Flash Cleansing Spray.

Sydney, Johan, Labrador Mix, Cattle Dog Mix

Sydney hates when I spray her down with products and I think it’s because the smell is too strong.  Since I can’t stand when people dive in a pool of perfume before boarding our commuter train, I can imagine how these sprays bother Syd Syd’s heightened sense of smell.

The TrueBlue spray is mild and light.  It lasts and doesn’t have build up, so I don’t have to spray her daily and it keeps the baths at bay, because although we use a mild dog shampoo bar, I still think weekly baths are too much for our dogs (and for me).

If I could have had anything in the swag bag, I would have definitely gone with the rugs.  What about you?

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6 Responses to “TrueBlue Pet Products | I Got a Peak Inside a Celebrities Dog Lover Swag Bag”

  1. slimdoggy Says:

    Since we feed Maggie Petcurean – Id’ take that and save a buck.
    slimdoggy recently published..Wordless Wednesday 11-27-13My Profile


  2. Jackie Bouchard Says:

    We don’t need the jackets or the carrier or the anti-aging stuff yet (well, I do, but Rita doesn’t!) so I’d just go with the cleansing spray too. Rita hates having a bath, so a little spray down would be much preferable for her!
    Jackie Bouchard recently published..Wordless Wednesday: Thankful!My Profile


  3. BoingyDog Says:

    What a cool gift to try out! I’d definitely go for the carpet – my place has those fake hardwood floors that are TERRIBLE when it rains. The carpets we have just on either side of the door don’t do enough to keep Kayo’s paw tracks out of the living room, so that’s what I’d go with! Happy Barksgiving!
    BoingyDog recently published..Sporty Dogs Need Cool Water Even When It’s Cold @MyKoolDogMy Profile


  4. Eric David Lough Says:

    Awww. Sydney looks so adorable in that picture!
    Eric David Lough recently published..eplayr.comMy Profile


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