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When Our Pet Store Lets Us Down

A to Z Challenge – U – Sponsored by Natural Pet Pantry

Today was supposed to be U for Ubbermaid with an R, because I’ve had to stock up on so many storage containers, because it makes it easier to measure out each serving of raw dog food.  But something happened that begged for a blog post…

On my way home from the train station I have 2 options when I need to make a quick stop at the pet store.  Recently, I knew that I should have gone to Pet Pros in Lake Stevens, but I chose do go my normal route and visit another store.

I chose wrong.

On my shopping list were…

Smoked duck feet – a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin.  The store had chicken feet, but not duck feet.  Rodrigo is allergic to chicken.

Cat food – the store did have the cat food, but it took me a while to find it, because they moved everything around and no one was available to help me.

Jones Natural Chews – one of my favorite brands has a new chew that our dogs love and although it’s in all the other stores, it somehow missed the shelves of this one.

So I started looking around and saw that I was underwhelmed by the store in general.  Natural Pet Pantry, Pet Pros and Paddywack have ruined me.

So I grabbed a bag of cat food (we needed it) and some dog treats  (we needed those too) and headed home.

When I looked at the receipt, I realized that I was over charged by $5 on the treats.  I was so busy sulking in my disappointment that I didn’t notice the error when I was at the store.

I’ve gotten used to stores where the employees know me, where they love having chats about their products and pets, and I always walk away having learned something new.  The last time I was at Natural Pet Pantry, I downloaded an app so that I can jot down notes, because I was getting so much great information.

Oh well.  At least I know where NOT to shop, right?

Have you been disappointed by one of your favorite stores?  What let you down?


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