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As I type this, I’m surrounded by black dogs.  Sydney is lying at my feet.  Rodrigo is to my right.  Blue is to my left.  We are a three dog household.  As you know, I’m nuts about my pets and I’m crazy about dogs.  Our family feels a little more complete.

I’m a super organized person and have file folders with all the medical records of each of our dogs and cats.  I know that copies are with our vet, but I like having complete copies at home; this record system has made it easier when I’ve moved and needed a new veterinarian.  Today, the file folders are a mess and I’ve been considering heading to an office supply store for something that I can use and then I received a fantastic opportunity…

Someone from Wag’N Enterprises contacted me about a review of the Wagn Rover Respond’R® Mobile Emergency kit.  This is an amazing system that allows fur parents to pull together all of our pets information in one place.  With this kit, we’ll have all of our pets’ records organized.

But that’s not all the Rover Respond’r kit does…

Pet owners can put pet information in their car with their registration documents; if you’re in a car accident, the emergency response team will be able to notify anyone who needs to care for your pets.

My favorite part of the kit is the Wag’n Pet Passport that contains our pets veterinary records.  We’re vigilant when it comes to our pets healthcare and the Pet Passport is small enough to put in my purse when we visit the vet, but big enough so that we can keep track of it at home.

Filling out the paperwork makes you think…

The Wagn Rover Respond’R® Mobile Emergency kit is intense.  The amount of information it requires ensures that we have complete records and what I love is that I have the option to fill everything out on my computer (no worry about someone not being able to read my handwriting).  We now have emergency contacts for our pets.

The only downside to the emergency kit is that you can’t save it to finish or update later; I love having electronic copies of everything I do, so I printed out the kit, filled it out carefully, then scanned it to my computer.  Having the option to save a completed copy online would be heaven.

Update | Fantastic Customer Service

Turns out that there is a great solution to the “downside” mentioned above.  The creator of Rover Respond’r informed me that we can download Nitro PDF Reader for free at http://www.nitroreader.com/tour/ or http://www.nitroreader.com/download/download.aspx.  Once Nitro is downloaded input data and click on Save As.  This is such a fantastic solution and a great example of customer service by Wag’n Enterprises.  We have 5 pets (3 dogs and 2 cats) and we’ll be able to create the forms for each of them, save them to our computer, and update them as information changes without starting over.  Great news!!!

Either way,  I love having a neat and complete copy of our pets’ records and believe that it was worth my time to fill out everything completely.  Now that we’ve adopted another dog, it’s nice to have everything organized.

What do you do to keep your pet’s records in order?  Would Rover Respond’r work for your family?


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