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Walking Down the Path of Natural Dog Care with Earth Heart

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It’s amazing how much can change in a few years.  When we adopted Rodrigo and Sydney, we fed them a kibble diet, I thought it was important to allow them to control the walks so that they could have a good time. and I thought Cesar Millan was horrible, although I had never watched his program or read his books.

Today, our dogs eat a raw food diet, I allow our dogs to enjoy their walks while giving them the security of knowing that I’m in control, and I have a lot of respect for Cesar Millan (who is a couple years older than me, wow!).

I credit amazing discussions with dog owners online and offline for the changes in my attitude and opinion on dog care, dog training, and dog nutrition.  And the more I learn about helping our dogs live happier, healthier lives, the more I find myself walking down the path of natural dog care.

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The more I learn about helping our dogs live healthier lives, the more I find myself looking at natural dog care.

This year, I want to learn more about natural care for our dogs.  I keep meeting people who have dogs who live long healthy lives and they never use store bought anything – they go all natural.  Is it possible?

I had the opportunity to review products from Earth Heart.  This is a company that makes natural mists (not sprays) that are both safe, effective and affordable.  I was first introduced to their products in a PetBox that I received.

Canine Calm and Guard Well by Earth Heart

Dog lovers want natural alternatives to dog care.

Canine Calm

We started with Canine Calm by Earth Heart and I planned to spritz the puppies with it on our drive home from Idaho.  Welcome to the family – Spritz!

Turns out that we didn’t need it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s gone unused.  I pulled it out the days leading up to New Year’s for Rodrigo to help him deal with the fireworks and it worked beautifully.  He wasn’t stressed, he didn’t spend one fearful moment in my lap, under a table, or hiding in the garage.

He wasn’t completely unphased by the fireworks, but Canine Calm helped our New Years go by without any stress and I now prefer it to Rescue Remedy, which is bitter to the taste (yep, I tried it) and doesn’t always calm Rodrigo.

Our vet gave us something for him a few years ago that was A W E F UL – it took away all of his anxiety, yes, but he also bolted into the woods at night on a potty break, because he had no fear.  What was scary was that he was really mellow and then he was running like the wind.  We got him back quickly, but we never gave him that medication again.

Guard Well

We also received a bottle of Guard Well in exchange for our honest review of the product.  I was excited about this one, because when Scout and Zoey first joined our family, they would itch like crazy when they came in from outside.

Rodrigo did the same – he was licking his paws raw and I didn’t know what to do.

I started spritzing each of them near their face every other day (it’s a mist not a spray, so it didn’t upset them) and the itching dropped big time.  Of course they still itch here and there, but I’m no longer worried about it.

Is it Woo Woo or Wonderful?

Not sure if you’re aware, but I’m a believer in the woo.  I believe in Law of Attraction, The Universe, Angels, God, and I know I have Spirit Guides.  So I expected my boyfriend to tease me when I started spritzing our dogs.  There was some ribbing and a few eye rolls, but he’s learned to just let me do what I do, because no one is being hurt.

But what’s cool is that these products actually work!

If I sound surprised, it’s because I am.  There are so many people pimping “natural” cures and although I know that natural products have their place in dog (and human) health, I still sometimes wonder if someone is selling snake oil and we’re eating it up, because we want to believe that it works.

So I took my time with this review so that I can see over several weeks that these products work and I’m still very happy.

Have you switched to a natural or alternative care for your dog?


  1. I have never used an natural spray to calm a dog. I’m a little shocked as well that it worked for you. My dog has bad anxiety I wonder if this would help him as well.

    • I wonder if it depends on the level of anxiety. We used it for Rodrigo, because he has such trouble with fireworks and thunderstorms. I was giving him Rescue Remedy, but he hated it and became familiar with the bottle when I brought it down. We tried a medication from our vet but had a bad reaction so we like this option for him.

  2. Absolutely, We are fortunate enough (we live in SoCal after all) to have a great Holistic Vet how comes to our home. She’s done acupuncture on all of our pets, starting with Sally and has also provided lots of holistic remedies – including calming lotions that I’ve used with Jack and Maggie. I’ve seen these things work, so I will continue.

    • I would love to try acupuncture with our dogs; Sydney especially. I they can both benefit with their joints; I think it would be great for Rodrigo and Sydney actually. I’ll have to see if I can find someone.

  3. We love this stuff. We have been selling it at events for a couple years now. It will be on Sassy’s as soon as I can get it there. I can tell you the Canine Calm works great. I have a 95lb Berner who thinks she is 25lbs and gets really excited sometimes and also, although she loves “her people” she’s still a little nervous around some others. I spray a little of this on my fingers and rub it on her ears (it shows you this on their videos.) It takes just a few minutes and she is calm but not dopey at all. It’s great for nervous travelers too. I have had 10 dogs of my own (some are now at rainbow bridge) and several rescue fosters and have always felt comfortable using these products. Vicki is terrific too.

    • Wow! I love that people know about and love these products. I’m just blown away that it works and it’s so easy to administer. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. I love Earth Heart products! Maya is crazy in the car, even though she is buckled in. The first 10-15 minutes of any road trip consists of her whining with excitement. And if we are taking a long road trip, such as when we go from Kansas to Texas and back for the holidays, Maya starts her excited whining all over again with every pit stop. I used Travel Calm for the first time in 2012 and it was SO AMAZING! The only time she whined during our long trip was when we were a blog away from my parent’s house in Texas. And it was just one little whimper, not her usual crazy-dog whining.

    • That’s so great. I love that you’ve heard of these products! Amazing!!!

  5. Great post! I tried the Earthheart Canine Calm on Sophie and it helped her, too. And it smells really great. I think it calms me down, as well. LOL Really nice products; glad you’re helping to get them out there.

  6. I actually have never heard of natural calming products for dogs, so I’m pretty amazed right about now.

    Thanks for sharing! (I followed you on Twitter btw…hoping to stay in touch)

    • I’ll be sure to follow you back :)

      • Thanks – I appreciate it! :)


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