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Warming and Cooling | Chinese Medicine and Raw Dog Food

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Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian or a nutritionist.  This is something I learned through reading and consulting with a holistic veterinarian.

When I first started researching raw dog food, I learned about warming and cooling foods and I was pretty excited.  It came up again recently when our dogs got sick from raw meat.  We removed grocery store chicken from their diet, because of the bacteria and because it’s a warming food.  This is information that can also be used when choosing the right protein kibbles; Rodrigo wasn’t able to eat kibble made from chicken or lamb.

According to Chinese medicine, there are ‘Hot’ dogs and ‘Cold’ dogs.

The ‘Hot’ dogs exhibit the following symptoms…

  • they seek out cool places to sleep, rest
  • they may be hot to the touch
  • they pant even when at rest
  • they suffer from allergies
  • they may have red skin and eyes
  • they may shows signs of anxiety

The ‘Cold’ dogs exhibit the following symptoms…

  • they seek out warm places to sleep, rest
  • they are relaxed and calm
  • they love blankets and snuggling; they’ll have no trouble sleeping in bed with their humans (won’t get over heated)
  • they exhibit a lack of appetite at times
  • and despite the image I used, they aren’t fans of playing in the snow

Chinese medicine tells us that the food we feed our dogs is partially based on which category they fall into – hot or cold.  Avoid warming foods and seek out cooling/neutral foods if you have a ‘hot’ dog.  Avoid cooling foods and seek out warming/neutral foods if you have a ‘cold’ dog.

Chinese Medicine, Warming Foods,  Raw Dog Food (2)


Chinese Medicine, Cooling Foods, Raw Dog Food

* I’ve been told that turkey is warming food, a neutral food, and a cooling food; the reason it’s identified as cooling here is because our holistic vet categorized it as cooling during our consultation.  We’re waiting to see if there is a change if we remove turkey from Rodrigo’s diet.

Chinese Medicine, Neutral Foods, Raw Dog Food

* I’ve seen salmon identified in different areas, so I’m not sure about this one.  We don’t feed our dogs salmon due to the risk of salmon poisoning; but we do give them canned salmon on occasion as a treat.


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  1. The TCVM properties of food is one of my fascinations. It’s kind of interesting that not everybody agrees on the properties of some of the foods, though.

    • I know. I’ve asked so many people about Turkey and everyone has a different answer.

      • Yeah, turkey is definitely one on which experts don’t seem to be able to agree.

  2. I know I told you previously that I needed to research these things. Well…I still haven’t, so this post is super helpful to me. Thank you!

  3. This is so good. I only know human have hot and cold.

  4. This issue I have with kibble is that most of the vitamin premix is sourced from China. Vitamin premix is the mixture of vitamins & minerals which show up on the label of dog food. After kibble is cooked at such high temperatures and then processed further, it leaves the product void of nutrients. Premix is added. China’s premix product is problematic because it is contaminated with melamine. The FDA lead us to believe that salmonella is an issue. They discovered that it is the melamine that is making dogs ill and killing them. Raw food should not a problem for dogs with healthy immune systems. Approximately 30% of dogs already carry salmonella in their systems. It is natural for them. I have written EXTENSIVELY on this subject on my website Just use the little search bar and type in keywords like China, salmonella, FDA, and raw.

    • Thank you so much, Janie! I had no idea about where the premix is sourced. Thank you.

      • Hi Kimberly-
        I am crazy about raw food so that’s why I STRONGLY recommend it. I discuss more crazy stuff that goes on in the pet industry. Awareness is important. :o)


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