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About Keep the Tail Wagging

Keep the Tail Wagging began in the head of a photography blogger in 2009 and it came to life in December 2011 as a blog about raising littermates. I’m a dog lover supreme, which means that my dogs are my babies, my kids, my touchstones, my obsession, and my inspiration. I’m the type of person who considers calling in sick just so that I can spend the morning cuddling with our dogs.

Our dogs have inspired me to learn as much as I could about raising happy, healthy dogs, which lead me down the path to raw feeding. In 2014, I changed the focus of Keep the Tail Wagging to raw feeding, natural supplements, healthy dog treats, and raising littermates.

Today, we’re raising 2 sets of littermates – Rodrigo, Sydney, Scout and Zoey – in the Pacific Northwest. Our dogs are raw fed, a diet that comes with its own set of challenges and Keep the Tail Wagging is my platform to share our raw feeding journey.

About Kimberly Gauthier

I was born in Eugene, Oregon; raised in Portland, Oregon, and I’ve lived in Western Washington for more than 20 years. I moved to Seattle to attend Seattle University where I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business and I’ve worked in corporate accounting for more than 15 years.

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I love reading and think the Kindle Fire is the greatest invention from this decade. I’m a Mac convert, have an appreciation of photography, and I love action and super hero movies.

Thanks to our dogs, I have an appreciation of the outdoors, which is important, because my love of food requires that I spend some time getting active every day.

About Our Littermates

We’ve had 6 dogs.

Rodrigo and Sydney are our first set of littermates; born in March 2010, adopted in May 2010. They are Blue Heeler mix: Rodrigo is also Border Collie, Sydney is also Labrador.

Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits - Gingerbread Dog Treats


Riley was a foster failure and Sydney’s shadow; born in January 2012, adopted in May 2012. I wish I would have been able to see her grow up, because she was such a sweet sweet girl. She was a Shepherd mix and passed from Canine Parvo Virus in 2012.

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Blue was our heart dog; born in February 2012, adopted in May 2012. Blue was an Australian Shepherd, Blue Heeler, Munsterlander mix. He was the dog that changed our lives for the better and we miss him daily. He had the best personality, made us laugh every day, and was loved by us, Rodrigo and Sydney, our friends, and Keep the Tail Wagging readers. His impact can be felt daily. We lost him due to a car accident in 2013.

Self Portrait, Kimberly and Blue, Dog Mom, Fur Mom


Scout and Zoey are our second set of littermates; born on J’s birthday (October 31, 2013); brought home in December 2013. Scout and Zoey are products of an accidental litter and are Australian Shepherd, Blue Heeler, Catahoula mix. They brought Blue’s spirit back into our home and helped heal our broken hearts.

Scout and Zoey playing Fetch


I know that many people believe that bringing home 2 puppies at once is a bad idea and you can find a lot of negative sentiment on raising littermates online.  I believe it’s only ill advised when you’re not prepared.  We’ve worked with amazing dog trainers and work with our dogs daily.  The results is a pack of well behaved, fun, happy and healthy dogs.

About Raw Feeding

We feed a combination of BARF and Prey. We started with a BARF pre-made raw diet with Darwin’s Pet in 2013. We transitioned to Seattle’s Natural Pet Pantry in 2014 and then to a local raw feeding co-op. Our dogs each have individual needs, so today, we feed a combination of all three resources (Darwin’s, Seattle’s NPP, raw feeding co-op), which is why we cross raw feeding models.

Rodrigo is our dog with the sensitive stomach (Scout does too, but not as severe), so most of the diets are tailored to meet his needs. Sydney and Zoey, our girls, have iron stomachs and tend to put on the weight easily, so we’re always adjusting their diets to keep the trim (plus they get extra walks with mommy).

Rodrigo and Scout are unable to eat beef and chicken; so their diet is mainly duck, turkey, and rabbit. We feed them bison, elk and venison when it’s available. Because of their chicken and beef intolerance, Sydney and Zoey don’t get much of either, but it’s not completely eliminated from the girls’ diet. All of our dogs enjoy fresh green beef tripe (ordered frozen through our raw food co-op).

About Natural Supplements and Healthy Dog Treats

The more I learned about raw feeding, the more I wanted to understand what our dogs were consuming. We order natural supplements from select brands that I’ve met as a pet blogger. We have standing orders with Bravo, The Honest Kitchen, Bahia-Blue, SmartCOOKEE, Riley’s Organic Treats and more. It’s been wonderful watching so many brands come forward with healthy options for our pets.

I also believe that many of our dogs ailments can be resolve through diet and supplementation and with the guidance of several holistic veterinarians that I’ve connected with over the years, I have succeeded in clearing allergies, digestive issues and joint pain through our dogs’ diet.

Working with Keep the Tail Wagging

My focus is on raw feeding, natural supplements, healthy dog treats, and raising littermate puppies.  I’m unable to accept opportunities outside of the scope of my blog if I’m to continue providing quality content for my readers.  Due to the number of emails I get regularly requesting mentions of products and services, I’m only able to respond to those that directly correlate with the Keep the Tail Wagging mission of raising dogs naturally.  Thank you for understanding.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Keep the Tail Wagging.

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