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Keep the Tail Wagging shares our life raising 2 sets of littermates and our attempt at raising dogs naturally by feeding a raw food diet, natural supplements, healthier treats and using pet safe products.


We adopted our first set of littermates, because I thought Rodrigo would feel happier with one of his siblings when we brought him home in May 2010.  Sydney was chosen for me and she’s the most amazing dog.  We heard about Littermate Sydrome, but our experience has been happy and wonderful.

Our second set of littermates joined our family in December 2013 and they were even easier to raise, because we already had dogs in the house to help us show them the ropes.  Scout and Zoey are growing up to be gorgeous, sweet dogs.

Raw dog food…

We switched to a raw dog food in April 2013 after Rodrigo’s rash returned for the 3rd time.  I didn’t want to put him on a stronger round of anti-biotics, because I knew that it would give him digestion trouble and I was concerned about the long term effects.

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Feeding raw dog food isn’t easy at first.  There’s a lot of information, everyone has a very strong opinion, and every dog is different.  This is just our story.

What we quickly realized is that when we improved our dogs’ diet, we wanted to improve everything else about their lives, which lead us to find healthier treats, natural flea and tick treatments, health supplements, and other pet safe products.

And I share what we learn on Keep the Tail Wagging.

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My Mission Statement

To raise our dogs naturally, to share our own experiences while learning from other dog owners, and inspiring dog owners to make at least one natural choice for their dogs.

Keep the Tail Wagging Readers

My readership is 90% female, 10% male (and growing).  The age range is between (but not limited to) 35 and 65 years young.  You can read more about the blog’s traffic HERE.

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Work with Keep the Tail Wagging

  • You can view my media page HERE.
  • I do not review products that we won’t use with our dogs; this includes clothing, kibble, and dog collars.
  • I no longer promote crowd funding projects on Keep the Tail Wagging; however, if your project is something that appeals to me as a dog owner, I will share it on social media.
  • Keep the Tail Wagging is scheduled out by 30-45 days at a time and is unable to accommodate immediate publishing.

Speaking Engagements & Awards

  • Speaker at SITS Girls’ Bloggy Boot Camp, Las Vegas – 2012
  • Speaker at BlogPaws – 2013
  • Speaker at WordPress Meetup, Seattle – 2013
  • DogTime’s Petties Finalist for Best Dog Blog – 2013
  • BlogPaws Motivational Blogger Award – 2014
  • Speaker at Seattle Social Media Meetup, Seattle – 2014
  • Host of the BlogPaws Spring Cleaning Event, Co-Host of Live event at BlogPaws – 2014
  • Speaker at WordCamp Seattle – 2014
BlogPaws - Motivational Blogger 2014

BlogPaws – Motivational Blogger 2014

We Love Dogs…

Blue & Rodrigo Hunting Garter Snakes Rodrigo and Jaffrey, Puppy and Cat, Dog and Cat, Cats vs Dog Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Rodrigo and Sydney, Howarth Park, Dog Park, Beach

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Scout and Zoey playing Fetch

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