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A Mastiff Blog


I honestly can’t remember how I discovered Amanda’s blog, A Mastiff Blog, but I’m glad that I did.  I’m a fan of the breed; I love that despite being ginormous dogs, they’re also a gentle breed.  Friends of mine love mastiffs and through them I learned that dog ownership is a serious undertaking; each breed has special needs that dog owners need to understand.

Dedicated to information and celebration of the English Mastiff and all breeds of dogs. Find resources on dry and raw food diets, dog treat recipes, buying a puppy, raising a puppy, locating a reputable English Mastiff breeder and so much more!

What I love about Amanda’s blog is that she writes about mastiffs from her own experience as a dog mom to two mastiffs; it’s an easy, casual and informative blog with loads of information that the dog parent to any breed can appreciate and find useful.  Here are my favorite posts:

A Basic Understanding of Pedigrees:  What I love about this post is that when I was finished, I thought “I had no idea.”  I love learning something new about dogs and dog breeds.  Although I don’t support dog breeding

My Experience in a Raw Food Diet for Dogs:  We’re thinking about switching our dogs to the raw food diet.  After trying The Honest Kitchen and being astounded by the quality and cost, we wondered if it would be more affordable (but just as healthy) if we considered going raw.  In this article, Amanda shares her experience and it’s positive.

The Backyard Breeder v The Responsible Hobby Breeder:  An excellent explanation sharing the difference for people who would like to seek a breeder for their next puppy.  For people like me, who question dog breeding, this gives me a reason to hope that together, reputable breeders and rescue groups will stamp out irresponsible breeders while educating dog owners about proper dog care.

Training Your Mastiff: Every dog comes with a learning curve; so does every dog breed.  We read a couple books on herding breeds to prepare for our rescues.  I loved learning about training a mastiff on Amanda’s blog.

So I hope that you enjoy Amanda’s articles as much as I enjoy her blog.  And if you have the time, pop by and show her some love over on her blog.


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