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When a Life’s Abundance Rep Shames a Dog Mom’s Blog

I'm not a Life's Abundance Rep, but I am a Life's Abundance Customer

I received a comment from a Life’s Abundance rep and customer.  I was excited to read about her positive experience with their food.  I love this, because although we feed raw, I still get emails from my readers asking me about quality kibble and Life’s Abundance is an option that I give to people.

It’s affordable (more so with the auto-ship)

  • It’s a quality food; not everyone is ready to switch to raw (or wants to) – and Life’s Abundance is a great option
  • They’ve never had a recall
  • They offer a small, at home business opportunity for those interested
  • Customers and reps can easily manage their account online, anytime
  • As a rep, you get extensive training and support
  • And I know a Life’s Abundance rep who can set them up (as a rep or a customer or both)

But when I got towards the end of the comment, I read…

“But, for you to bash LA in your blog isn’t right just because it wasn’t right for you. Life’s Abundance is a reputable company with an A+ rating with the BBB and none of its’ food have ever been recalled. I will be surprised if you post this, but if you truly aren’t biased you will.” ~ K

Well, hell!  I didn’t expect that.

I don’t bash Life’s Abundance.  The reason I stopped being a rep for Life’s Abundance is simple…

  1. Rodrigo is allergic to chicken; I wasn’t going to buy two brands of kibble for our dogs and I didn’t feel right promoting Life’s Abundance when I wasn’t feeding it to our dogs.
  2. When I was a rep for Life’s Abundance, I was encouraged to build my downline through dog breeders (which actually makes sense).  But at the time, I was still struggling with the morality of breeding dogs when so many dogs need a home.
  3. I sucked as a sales person.
  4. I could never get the auto-ship right and kept running out of food, which is how I was introduced to Halo Pets.
  5. There are no coupons for Life’s Abundance, but there are coupons for Halo Pets (which made it easier to switch).

Where in these explanations am I bashing the company?  You’re also welcome to read the entire post.

Seek to Understand

Social media is amazing, because it allows us to connect with people from different backgrounds, all around the globe.  One of my best friends is Don J aka Deej.  He was one of my photography blog readers and has been a great support for me over the years.

Because of social media and blogging, I’ve learned a lot about dog nutrition over the past couple of years.  When I was a rep, I couldn’t respond to questions about specific ingredients.  I didn’t understand the purpose of beet pulp in dog food (it’s a source of fiber) or why Life’s Abundance only had a chicken recipe.  I know today, because I did my homework and reached out to Dr. Jane, the creator of the LA formula (and great lady).

So social media is awesome, however, it does inspire us to judge.  Quickly.  I find myself doing it all the time and I remind myself that I don’t have all the facts.  It’s that ‘quick to judgment’ attitude that prevents us from connecting with a potential friend, partner or customer.

Keil Family Farm - Life's Abundance

The Dogs of Keil Family Farm and our Life’s Abundance Rep

I’m a Life’s Abundance Customer

Although we stopped buying their food, we still buy their Bath Fresh Mist.  I have it on auto-ship (yep, I finally figured it out), because we love it and I don’t ever want to run out.  If we end up with too much – big deal – we’ll donate it to rescue or I’ll host a giveaway here for my readers.

Although the person who left the comment wasn’t very nice, I’m grateful for the reminder that we’re all human and we all jump to conclusions.  She reminded me that it’s important to slow down so that I can get more information.

She also inspired me to introduce you to our Life’s Abundance rep who is pretty awesome!  To a product we love; which is pretty awesome.  And to a business opportunity for pet lovers that may a great fit for you.

But we’re all dog lovers so we should be helping each other not creating conflicts.  If someone loves dogs, they can’t be all bad.  Fingers crossed.

What about you?  Do you try and cut someone slack, because you have a love of animals in common?


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  1. Interesting! Interesting that someone would try to stir it up on a post >1 year old now, but I’d do the same thing as you and spotlight it. Especially when they comment about not publishing negative stuff – I’ll call that bluff EVERY DAY.

    A few years ago, I wrote some posts about Petland. It wasn’t long until several corporate Petland employees for Canada jumped into my comments section. It was interesting, but I wasn’t sure why they would put so much effort into worrying about my little blog.

    But people take things personally, including when they’re involved in a brand.

    I went back and read your post. You’re not bashing. You’re not being insulting. You’re laying out both logical and personal reasons for your decision. Who can criticize your decision when you’re making it based on your own circumstance and experience, and thought-out personal preferences? Well, I guess there’s always someone who will.

    Ah well. Ricky Gervais says offence is taken, not given. I’m inclined to agree.

    Though, perhaps it bodes well for LA that they have such passionate people?

    • I love that quote!

      I get a lot of traffic to that post, because people are researching LA and if it’s a good business opportunity for them. I think it is if you good at sales. I just don’t like leaving people with the thought that the reason I stopped being a rep was anything more than it just didn’t work out for me.

      Sometimes I wonder if I would do better today even though we feed raw.

  2. What a nice post!

    I think you handle negative comments/reactions so well. I’ve had quite a few nasty comments on my blog. I used to respond to them, but now I usually just ignore them. I agree, I think those types of comments are really telling about where some people are, and how social media has really brought out the worst in some of us. It’s a good reminder for the rest of us to be more open minded. I’m sure I judge people all the time, but I do try really hard not to!

    • Exactly – even when I’m asking questions, I’ve passed judgement. The questions are to either verify that I’m correct or to correct my judgement.

      What’s sad is how easy it is to just take a pause and ask a question. I can think of many disagreements I’ve had (both initiated by me and by others) that could have been avoid with questions.

      • Yep, me too …

        I think just being aware of it is a big help!

  3. I think that is one of the main problems with posts, on blogs and places like Facebook. People all too often misunderstand our posts, because of their own personal issues/experiences, or because they didn’t take a moment to think/process what they read.

    • So very true!

  4. What a nice post!
    Really interesting post

  5. I think it’s always smart when dealing with blog comments/social media/email/texts to always assume the best in people: jumping to conclusions can easily stir up trouble that wasn’t there in the first place and it’s so EASY to do that when you’re sitting behind a computer screen! Obviously the rep saw something upsetting that wasn’t there (at least I don’t see it), and got heated because they went defensive. I’m so impressed with how you handle these types of reactions, it helps me remember to try to keep a cool head myself!

    • Thanks, Kelly – it took a long time for me to get here. A year ago, I would have been hoppin’ mad. This year, I just think it’s sad that people are so quick to think the worst in others, both on and offline.

      • It takes time to get there! I haven’t had any negative-ness yet but I know it will take me some time once I do! And you are so very right about it being both online and offline, I just think unfortunately online it is so much easier with far fewer consequences.

  6. I always cut people slack when it comes to their pets. Maybe more than deserved at times. It’s a trait I acquired while working in the vet hospital. There are just all kinds of people out there, and you can’t always be so quick to judge.

  7. Something must be in the water – cause there seems to be an increase of “unkind” comments floating around recently. We need t-shirts: “Bloggers have feelings too!” Love your title – Now… How are those adorable puppies?

    • I know what you mean. I tried to give a friend a hint about how unkind she is on social media and she didn’t get it. So I told her straight out and she justified it. I think people are just more comfortable in the mode of “grumpy.” :)

  8. In general, I cut all a slack. If I don’t have something good to say, I usually don’t say anything, unless there is an urgent reason to speak up.

    • That sounds like a reasonable middle ground.

  9. I cut quite a bit of slack just because pets is such a passionate, feelings-filled area. It gets in the way of so many things, like progress, so I don’t really want to be part of the problem. It’s tough though, because even though we cut slack we also have our hearts in the game. Anyway. I cut a lot less slack on the tech side of things just because it’s binary… although I ended up cutting a lot of slack because the stress just isn’t worth it (it’s just software, people!) :) OK… I’ve really overused that phrase now!

    I think you were more than fair, and that comment wasn’t. I’m glad it was highlighted (folks should stand behind their words). I’m surprised all the time how many responses I get on Twitter about blog posts, and it’s blatantly clear the comment is in response to the title alone and the article was never read. Talk about quick judgement in 140 characters or less!

    • I’ve had that experience myself. I even had someone tell me that I wasn’t an ethical blogger, because I disclosed that I was paid for a post. When I told her that it was required that I disclose this and sent her the links, she still attacked me for other things. For 2 days.

      I did get a kudos from the brand for how well I handled it :)

  10. Look at you with your beautiful response to a sticky comment! Great job. And yeah, we do tend to jump in with our mouth before engaging the brain. My mom always told me to sleep on it before responding to anything emotional, see if my response would be the same the next day. It’s more and more difficult to do that online, when conversations have wrapped up and moved on in minutes and hours. *sigh*

  11. So, after comparing Halo and LA, LA is not a home business opportunity, correct? Looks like it is for retail stores. If not, what company do you recommend for a pet home business?

    • Hi Terry. Life’s Abundance is a home based business and Halo Purely for pets is sold at the pet stores.

      I know that there are several home based businesses for pet owners niw, but they seem new which makes me nervous. Life’s Abundance has been around for years and has been proven. If you’d like, I can give your email to the rep I buy product from. She’s awesome, no pressure and she can answer your questions :)

  12. Hi Kim,

    I recently started as a rep for Life’s Abundance myself. I’ve been reading your blog and find it very informative and enjoyable. I can’t for the life of me see anything negative in your original blog regarding why you stopped selling it. In fact, my sister’s dog is allergic to chicken, so I wouldn’t even dream of trying to convince her to try some of our foods. However, she also has three cats and is purchasing other products to be supportive of me, her big brother :-)

    The way you handled rep that “shamed” you is quite admirable. In sales training, we’re taught to never bash the competition, and you obviously go by that creedo as well. Youcould have given her a good dressing down and you didn’t. In fact were very respectful in your reply. I just want to say thank you for your blog. You are a class act. I’m a fan and will continue to read your posts often.

    • Hal – thank you for this comment. One thing I’ve learned as a blogger is that many people read a title, make an assumption and go from there. There’s no point arguing with people or bashing companies, because it makes us look just as bad if not worse. I was once in a group where the members regularly attacked Purina and dog owners who fed Purina. What I learned from them is that no one is going to switch their food as a result of a verbal attack.

      Life’s Abundance is providing great products for pets and a great business opportunity for their humans. What’s not to appreciate about that?

  13. I wouldn’t just open with a comment about interesting, but really that is what I wanted to say. Everyone can jump to conclusions, even as I was when I read her copied comment. Had to read it a couple times to understand the grammar. Everyone has to make there best choice for themselves and their loved ones. I need to research Halo more. I keep seeing it everywhere.


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