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I'm not a Life's Abundance Rep, but I am a Life's Abundance Customer

I received a comment from a Life’s Abundance rep and customer.  I was excited to read about her positive experience with their food.  I love this, because although we feed raw, I still get emails from my readers asking me about quality kibble and Life’s Abundance is an option that I give to people.

It’s affordable (more so with the auto-ship)

  • It’s a quality food; not everyone is ready to switch to raw (or wants to) – and Life’s Abundance is a great option
  • They’ve never had a recall
  • They offer a small, at home business opportunity for those interested
  • Customers and reps can easily manage their account online, anytime
  • As a rep, you get extensive training and support
  • And I know a Life’s Abundance rep who can set them up (as a rep or a customer or both)

But when I got towards the end of the comment, I read…

“But, for you to bash LA in your blog isn’t right just because it wasn’t right for you. Life’s Abundance is a reputable company with an A+ rating with the BBB and none of its’ food have ever been recalled. I will be surprised if you post this, but if you truly aren’t biased you will.” ~ K

Well, hell!  I didn’t expect that.

I don’t bash Life’s Abundance.  The reason I stopped being a rep for Life’s Abundance is simple…

  1. Rodrigo is allergic to chicken; I wasn’t going to buy two brands of kibble for our dogs and I didn’t feel right promoting Life’s Abundance when I wasn’t feeding it to our dogs.
  2. When I was a rep for Life’s Abundance, I was encouraged to build my downline through dog breeders (which actually makes sense).  But at the time, I was still struggling with the morality of breeding dogs when so many dogs need a home.
  3. I sucked as a sales person.
  4. I could never get the auto-ship right and kept running out of food, which is how I was introduced to Halo Pets.
  5. There are no coupons for Life’s Abundance, but there are coupons for Halo Pets (which made it easier to switch).

Where in these explanations am I bashing the company?  You’re also welcome to read the entire post.

Seek to Understand

Social media is amazing, because it allows us to connect with people from different backgrounds, all around the globe.  One of my best friends is Don J aka Deej.  He was one of my photography blog readers and has been a great support for me over the years.

Because of social media and blogging, I’ve learned a lot about dog nutrition over the past couple of years.  When I was a rep, I couldn’t respond to questions about specific ingredients.  I didn’t understand the purpose of beet pulp in dog food (it’s a source of fiber) or why Life’s Abundance only had a chicken recipe.  I know today, because I did my homework and reached out to Dr. Jane, the creator of the LA formula (and great lady).

So social media is awesome, however, it does inspire us to judge.  Quickly.  I find myself doing it all the time and I remind myself that I don’t have all the facts.  It’s that ‘quick to judgment’ attitude that prevents us from connecting with a potential friend, partner or customer.

Keil Family Farm - Life's Abundance

The Dogs of Keil Family Farm and our Life’s Abundance Rep

I’m a Life’s Abundance Customer

Although we stopped buying their food, we still buy their Bath Fresh Mist.  I have it on auto-ship (yep, I finally figured it out), because we love it and I don’t ever want to run out.  If we end up with too much – big deal – we’ll donate it to rescue or I’ll host a giveaway here for my readers.

Although the person who left the comment wasn’t very nice, I’m grateful for the reminder that we’re all human and we all jump to conclusions.  She reminded me that it’s important to slow down so that I can get more information.

She also inspired me to introduce you to our Life’s Abundance rep who is pretty awesome!  To a product we love; which is pretty awesome.  And to a business opportunity for pet lovers that may a great fit for you.

But we’re all dog lovers so we should be helping each other not creating conflicts.  If someone loves dogs, they can’t be all bad.  Fingers crossed.

What about you?  Do you try and cut someone slack, because you have a love of animals in common?


Update: there are less than 2 weeks in the Booster.com campaign.  We’ve only sold 13 t-shirts, we have a long way to go to really make enough to support Scrub-a-Mutt!  Please Rock a Keep the Tail Wagging t-shirt and support rescue!

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