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It’s amazing how quickly time flies.  Once again American’s have the privilege of heading to the polls to vote for the lesser of two evils.  Personally, politics gives me a headache, but I complete my ballot to honor the sacrifices made for a right that I tend to take for granted.


Yes, I’m commandeering the Cats vs Dog column to gabber about politics, one of my least favorite topics.  I have no idea who Jaffrey or Cosmo would vote for, but if I were just to compare their personalities with a few stereotypes, I’d say that Jaffrey is a Romney kitty and Cosmo is all about Obama.

Last month I received an Obama/Biden bumper sticker and considered putting it on my car.  I’m not ashamed of supporting our President, but I hesitate to jump into the Democratic party with both feet, because I don’t buy into everything they say.  I’d like to say that I’m happily in the middle, straddling the wall like Humpty Dumpty, hoping that the crap our politicians pull doesn’t make me land square on my behind.

That being said, I couldn’t allow this historical election go by without a comment from Keep the Tail Wagging.  American’s are living in a strongly divided country and it’s reached a point where politics are no longer a safe subject for anyone.  I celebrate strong opinions, I don’t celebrate personal attacks.  So I’m going to step away from the drama of politics; finding comfort in the softer side by asking…

“If your dog could vote, who would your dog vote for? And why?”

I was actually surprised by the responses.  Obama wins in a landslide, mostly thanks to his desire to provide everyone with healthcare (a controversial topic) and the Obama family dog, Bo.


Bella, aka “The Bean” – She told me she will be voting for Barack Obama. If he wins, she plans on winning the heart of Bo Obama by telling him that she was very influential in swaying the vote of the dog community. She then plans to partner with Michelle Obama to run a “TBA” campaign. When I asked what TBA stood for, and why Michelle and not Barack she responded, “Tennis Balls for All – obviously and it’s well known that women actually run this country, men are just a face.” ~ Dan Hess, Furparent

My name is Rocket, an old chocolate Lab in Washington state. At twelve years of age, my arthritis meds are very important to me so my vote is for Obama. As a senior, ObamaCare is going to help my owners afford my pain meds and increase my quality of life for whatever few years I have left. I may not be able to walk down to the mailbox any more when the mail carrier comes, but I can still bark from the porch. Go Obama. ~ Kathleen Shaputis, Furparent

Calvin Baird will be voting for Barack Obama. His reasoning is Mitt is mean.. Dogs ride in cars. Anyone who treats man’s best friend that poorly cannot be good for the country. Also, Calvin’s mommy has a medical preexisting condition and he can’t stop wagging know now that with Obamacare she will not be denied health insurance coverage for that reason! Lastly, Calvin also thinks Bo Obama is a great role model for dogs all over the world. ~ Holly Baird, Furparent

Calvin is a Chipoo (half Chihuahua/half poodle) from Nashville, TN.  In 2008, he actually helped his mommy cast her vote for Barack Obama from his puppy purse! The poll workers even gave him an “I voted” sticker!

 Rufus is all paws up for Obama! Rufus is obviously voting for Obama. As a former stray, he believes that everyone deserves to have free healthcare and a loving home (both of which have helped him into a great family!); even if it means that he needed help for a short time from an organization. ~ Rebecca Raibley, Furparent

My dog, Koa, is voting for Obama. Koa believes dogs should ride inside the car, with the windows down of course. Our cats are voting for Obama as an expression of unity with the dog. Even though the dog and cats have different views of the world, they believe it’s important to come together for important issues.  ~ Denise Lee, Furparent

Thank you for the opportunity to give our four-legged family members a voice!

Butterscotch, a five-year-old Pointer/Jack Russel Terrier mix, who lives in New York state (and who only goes by the name “Butterscotch D.,” please), will vote…for President Obama for two reasons….1) she has been won over by arguments for his reelection….which she has to endure hearing almost 24 hours/day…since she tends to like to sit in the living room where all is debated thoroughly, and 2) she has a real issue with his documented family dog trip…where the dog was put in a crate on top of the car for hundreds of miles on a highway. She thinks, if he is elected, 47% of the country could end up as that “dog on the top of the car,” so to speak. ~ Angela Drinkwater, Furparent

I have three – a black lab retriever (rescue); an Anatolian shepherd (rescue and now a certified therapy dog) and a basset (rescue). All three go for Obama. He loves Bo and would never stick him on top of a car in a crate. We also think Obama is much more pro middle class. We like his wife too.  ~ Sarah Hankel, FurParent

I am the owner of a Portuguese Water Dog (female, 6 months old) named Kona. Obviously she will be voting for Obama because of his excellent taste in dog breeds. If his dog ownership, tax policies and health care plan were not enough to get Kona to support Obama, she would sit out this election, because she could never give her vote to someone who would transport their dog on the roof of their car! ~ Terresa Clark, Furparent

My dog will be voting again for Bark Obama! Baldwin is interested in keeping me healthy and happy. He knows that when Obama gets re-elected, I will be both!  ~ Susan Hartzler , Californian FurParent, Alpha Dog Public Relations 



My “Weiner Jack” says Romney!! My Sammy read that Obama ate dog when in Indonesia and as a weiner dog he’d be tempted. Since Sammy is half Jack Russell, he is way too smart to let that happen. ~ Troy James, Furparent

Lydia – “I’m voting for Romney…I don’t know…he just seems like the alpha dog. I’m into that sort of thing. My human is Jessie Bowling and we live in Baltimore, MD, just a bark away from D.C.”


Until it’s time to “punch” our ballots, our dogs are enjoying their Throw Them to the Dogs dolls and I’m thinking that I’m going to vote for the candidate that makes me want to be a better person and a better American.  When I think about it, our dogs always make me want to live up to the adoration I see in their eyes daily.  We’ll see.

So, who will your dog vote for?  No judgement, all votes are important as long as we VOTE!

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