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Sweet Relish | Will Keep the Tail Wagging Adopt a Fourth Dog

This is a sponsored post…

No, but I wish!  Instead, I’m working on campaign with Sweet Relish to highlight a dog that I wish could be our fourth forever dog.  Her name is Coco.  She’s a gorgeous deaf dog rescued by Motley Zoo, the same organization who introduced us to Blue.

Coco is a 10 month old white Bull Terrier mix and she’s sweet, silly, and snuggly – basically, the perfect dog for our family.  She’s a tiny little thing, only weighing 27 pounds.  Coco is house trained, crate trained and good with cats and children.

Okay, are you convinced yet?  She’s perfect.

Sweet Relish is a site that’s much like Pinterest, but you can buy things through Sweet Relish.  What I thought of when I was first introduced to Sweet Relish was wedding registries.  It’s a cool site where people can go and “relish” the things that they’d like, creating Lists for their birthday, graduation, Christmas, a baby shower, wedding – and more.  I had a loit of fun searching for things on the Sweet Relish and you can download their button and “relish” things as your browsing the web.

Sweet Relish Screen Shot

Through this great campaign, with every new sign up to Sweet Relish, they’ll donate $1 to our dog, Coco and Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.  My goal is to get 100 sign ups between now and March 31st and I’d love your help.  That means $100 goes to Coco and Motley Zoo.

Please share this post with your friends and family; everyone you know and even strangers.  Since I can’t adopt Coco into our family, please help me get her started off right in a new one.  And the bonus is that Coco will get so much exposure that I’m praying that she’ll also be adopted.

So will you please sign up with Sweet Relish?  This is such a great cause and I would love to see Motley Zoo get donation for all the great work that they do.  It’s best to sign up in a browser other than Internet Explorer.  Thank you!

Please sign up through one of the many linked Sweet Relish above or HERE for the donation to count.  Thanks!

Disclosure: this is a paid sponsored post; I was compensated by the people of the Sweet Relish to help them spread the word about their fun site while supporting a cause that is close to my heart.  The thoughts and opinions shared are my own and genuine.


  1. What a beautiful girl. I signed up. Pretty cool site. Too bad I’m in a ‘saving’ mode right now :)

    • Thank you so much, Amanda. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support!!!

    • The great part about Sweet Relish is you can save it all of later. Nothing wrong with some virtual window shopping :)

      • I love that too. I always look longingly at the registry at Target, but don’t have the guts to pretend I’m getting married – now I can go crazy and I have the entire web to window shop :)

  2. Sounds like an interesting site. Definitely a good cause too :) Will have to check it out.

    • Awesome, Ann :)

  3. I had never heard of Sweet Relish. Have signed up. What a great idea!

    • Thanks, Cheryl!!!

  4. Read about Sweet Relish earlier and signed up right away…They’ve got a great campaign going on now

    • Fantastic!!!

    • Thanks! I hope tons of people sign up this week!


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