Wrapping it Up with Hill’s Idea Balance Grain Free

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I was selected as a brand ambassador for Hill’s Ideal Balance and was compensated for writing about their food and hosting a couple giveaways for my readers…

It was an amazing experience and I thought it would be fun to go over what I learned…

Hill’s Ideal Balance doesn’t Replace Hill’s Science Diet

It’s been fun watching dog food brands provide higher quality, affordable food for dog owners.  But that doesn’t mean that they’re replacing food.  I know that this is disappointing to many dog owners who believe that Hill’s Science Diet and similar brands are poor quality pet food that shouldn’t be fed to our dogs, but I’ve learned to take care when judging the choices that dog owners make regarding the dog food they purchase, because I don’t have the full story.

Hill’s Ideal Balance taught me to ask questions instead of judging

During this campaign, I had plenty of opportunities to answer to comments that I was being irresponsible by promoting this product to my readers.  I lost a few readers and disappointed a few, but I don’t mind.  I know that we all have different perspectives when it comes to dog care and nutrition.  I’ve witnessed and participated in many discussions about dog food and dog nutrition and each discussion taught me something new about our dogs.

This week, a few dog owners I know who LOVE their dogs admitted to feeding their dogs a food that has an unpopular reputation.  It’s the only food that their dogs will eat and thrive on and their dogs are healthy.  It’s sad that they worry that people will judge them if they admit what they buy.

How screwed up is that?

Hill’s Ideal Balance is a better quality pet food at a reasonable price

It’s important for me to remember is that not everyone can afford some of the premium dog food brands out there.  We live in a country where most families with dogs have more than 1 dog.  In a tight economy, it starts to feel like premium dog food is out of reach for many families.  It’s cool to see brands meet the needs of families, allowing more people to feed a better quality food to their pets without breaking the bank.

Saving money on pet food

If you’re looking for ways to squeeze a better quality food out of your budget, check to see if your pet store has a frequent buyer plan, go to your favorite brands’ sites to see if they offer coupons and other discounts, or sign up for auto-ship through a site like PetFoodDirect.com to save on food and supplies.

Sign Up for PetFoodDirect.com’s Auto-Ship Program and Save!

We shouldn’t have to choose between our wallet and our dogs.

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  1. I don’t think there is any reason someone should be ashamed of what they feed their pets. I’ve seen plenty of people pump unhealthy food into their children that is worse than what I could ever give to my pets.

    As pet parents it is our responsibility to love and protect our pets, and if I can’t afford a certain brand of food one month, I have no problem going with the next best option. I’m not going to give up part of my family, especially when the next person to adopt them may feed the same thing or something worse.

    I have also seen first hand dogs that will only eat one kind of dog food. Most people would say that when they get hungry enough they will eat anything, and it’s true, they will eat anything but the food that you want them to. I know of a dog that went three days without eating after their owner tried to switch them to a more expensive dog food. I told them to give up and to keep feeding what they were before. There was no point in jeopardizing their health to try to get them to eat a better food.

    When people ask me what dog food they should be feeding, I tell them what ever they can afford all the time. The only ones that I tell people to stay away from are the really cheap might as well be cardboard pet foods.
    Chad recently published..Happy Thanksgiving!My Profile

    • Great advice, Chad

      That’s a great way to look at it. I think it’s unfair for me to make the assumption that what someone feeds their dog is connected to how they feel about their dog. I’m not a nutritionist nor do I have the full story. Having been judged harshly by strangers, I’ve learned to watch my opinions. But I love the way you word it. It’s perfect.
      Kimberly recently published..Safe Chicken Jerky for Dogs or a Temptation to Try Dog Treats #NudgesMomentsMy Profile

  2. I agree that when money’s tight some people have to make sacrifices but nutrition is a very important aspect of life for any animal, human or dog. You can’t fail to give a dog everything they need nutritionally, that’s just neglect, so any owner should research the food they give to make sure it provides enough nutrients.

    I think a responsible owner should be looking at what it costs to feed a dog properly before even entering into the idea of getting themselves a dog. If you can’t afford to feed properly, then sorry but perhaps they shouldn’t have one?

    I’m not knocking any food in particular, I’ve not looked into them enough, but as long as a dog is being provided for properly and getting the nutrients they need, cheap or expensive it shouldn’t matter and if you can save a few pounds by going to a cheaper alternative…whilst not sacrificing nutrition…then why wouldn’t you?
    Mark Jenner recently published..How much exercise does a Labrador need?My Profile

    • You are so right, Mark

      One of my dirty little habits is to scroll Craigslist and flag posts from people who want a free dog. I know it’s not against CL’s rules to post that request and I know I’m being very judgmental by flagging those posts, but if you can’t afford an adoption fee or to go to a reputable breeder, then you CANNOT afford a dog.

      Three years ago, I did some homework on dog food, but it didn’t amount to much, because I didn’t know. Today, I know so much more and it blows me away what a huge responsibility dog ownership is and not many people realize this; but for those who do, I love that there are people out there that share what they know to help us.

      That’s how I learned.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Kimberly recently published..Dog Owners Can Go Gree and Go Stylish with PawNosh Glass Pet BowlsMy Profile


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